Three intense dreams in one night about the rapture!

On the night of the 10th, I had three dreams all about Rapture. In the first dream, the whole world was in a panic and in preparation for the end time. I was with my family repenting and pleading with God not to be left behind then I woke up.

I again went into deep sleep and went straight into another dream in which everyone was at a stand still waiting for the end of the world. Shortly afterwards I saw a milky white cloud flowing like a huge river flying, so low. People were being supernaturally taken up and dissolving in it. Then I cried out loud “its Rapture!”.  As I was still crying, out I was taken up in the cloud. I looked up among the people being taken to see whether my family was there. Mostly my last born daughter was on my mind and then I woke up.

Before I could pray I again fell into a deep sleep and lo and behold, I had another dream. What was different this time, was the nature of the Rapture. I saw a huge light from heaven that was going around and whoever it pointed at would be taken up in it very fast. I again alarmed saying “Its Rapture! its Rapture!” I was also pleading with God, “Please don’t leave me behind!” and then I woke up.

All the three dreams seemed so real. I pleaded with God to give me a message about them but nothing came through. I believe that the dreams were the messages themselves. Time is running out, children of God. Lets wind up, lets be prepared lest we be like the five foolish virgins.

God bless you

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