Three Signs point to two Major Players of End Time events

Genesis 1:14 Then God said, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the sky to separate the day from the night. They will serve as signs for festivals (appointed times) and for days and years.….” HCSB

In the last two posts, we looked at events and signs that have occurred in relation to Iran and Israel. (See posts here and here). In them, we saw that God seemed to be clearly emphasizing Iran as a central player in the end time events that are occurring. I would now like to share a dream from the Lord I had on 22nd October of 2012 that seemed to predict this, and which also reveals an additional important player in these last days.

In the dream, I saw Obama’s wife happy to receive me. I walked with her to the next room and I saw Obama also happy. He however changed and acquired an evil look as he signed something as he was seated on a table. I saw a black surface like the night sky with a constellation of stars in the center. This is where he was signing.

After the Iran nuclear deal was signed, I recognized that that was the fulfillment of this dream. The signing of the deal that was spear headed by the Obama administration was marked by several signs in the heavens, and involved what seemed to be a betrayal of Israel. Amazingly, even other connections with the Jewish festival of Purim were present.

Before the Iran nuclear deal was signed on 14th July 2015, there was a preliminary framework agreement that was concluded on the 2nd of April, 2015 between Iran and the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, France, and China plus Germany (the P5+1) and the European Union. (Source: On the Jewish calendar, this was the 13th of Nisan. (Source: Hebcal). It was on the 13th of Nisan that the King of Persia (modern day Iran) endorsed Haman’s plan “to destroy, kill and annihilate all Jews, from young to old, infants and women. On Nissan 13, eleven months before the date chosen for the massacre, proclamations of the decree were drafted and dispatched to all 127 countries of the Persian Empire. Mordecai told Esther to go before the king and plead for her people. Esther asked that a three-day fast be proclaimed (Nissan 14, 15 and 16) in which all Jews would repent and pray for the success of her mission. (Source: On April 4th 2015, we had a blood moon in the heavens, which was Nisan 15th that year. (Source: April 4th 2015 was the 1st day of Passover and the anniversary of the second day of Esther’s fast!

Not only that, on the 30th of June 2015, which was the initial deadline that had been set for the Iran nuclear deal to be signed, we had the spectacular Jupiter-Venus conjunction (the “Bethlehem Star”) that lit up the sky! This was discussed in previous post.

Then on December 23rd, 2016 we had another betrayal of Israel that still involved Obama and a sign in the heavens. On this day, UN Security Council’s adoption of resolution 2334 declared all Israeli settlements in the West Bank to be illegal. It stated that the Security Council recognizes the 1967 ceasefire lines as the border between Israel and “Palestine”, and it officially gave East Jerusalem to the Palestinians. (Source: Economic Collapse Blog) Obama could have blocked this resolution from being passed by the UN, but didn’t. This was exactly 9 months to the Revelation 12 sign that occurred on September 23rd, 2017, that depicted a woman giving birth!

So as was seen in the dream, Obama played an evil role in all these events and his actions were also linked to the signs in the heavens. We now have two players to watch revealed by the signs, Iran and Obama.

2 Cor 13:1 “…..Every matter must be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.”

After thought: In light of all that has been shared so far, perhaps these 3 signs; the blood moons, the Bethlehem star and the revelation 12 sign were what God was hinting at in the dream I shared here.

Updated on 14th December, 2017

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