Dreams confirming signs in the heavens

On the morning of 26th of September, my wife had a dream where she was at a salon then the environment changed and she was at a women’s clinic getting ready to give birth. She was with our young daughter. Labor was not starting so the nurse wanted to give her an injection. She first resisted and asked if she could go home and wait for it to start naturally but the nurse refused. After taking the injection, she waited while our daughter was taken out of the room since it was no longer okay for her to be around. She kept waiting but labor still did not come. The doctor then came in and it happened to be someone of authority in her life named Samuel. He told one of the nurses to induce labor using a drip and she was scared because she knew the pain would soon start. She asked for the phone so she could tell her mom what was going on.

That same morning I had a dream where I was at my grandparents’ home and I was near what was supposed to be the back wall fence. It was instead a wire fence with garbage about half way up. I saw my aunt come with a basin which looked like that of our young daughter but is full of rubbish. She throws rubbish over the fence using the basin. I then hear a snake sound in the garbage near where I am. I flee into the house through the back door and stand at the doorway looking outside. I see a large snake crawl out of the rubbish and it crosses my field of view slowly from the left to the right. Meanwhile some 2 young men enter the house from the open door at the front and cross to the back. One of them gets a stick and starts hitting the snake.


My wife felt that her dream was God pointing to the significance of the Revelation 12 sign that happened on the 23rd of September this year. The dream seemed to emphasize some kind of delay of the birth pangs of tribulation. However the tribulation is certainly coming very soon because in her dream she was not even allowed to go home. She also said she felt that Samuel was a call to listen to Gods watchmen who have been making an alarm about the times we are living in. God has anointed and appointed them to warn of what’s coming, for He does nothing without first revealing it to his servants the prophets (Amos 3:7). In other words God does not act until he has revealed what is coming which He is already doing! Her wanting to get her phone and call her mom was signifying the urgency of the times and our need to warn others.

My dream begun with my separation from rubbish by a fence symbolizing our call to Holy living (2 Cor 6:17). From the rubbish emerged a snake. The bible refers to Satan as a serpent and also mentions him being thrown out of heaven, just like rubbish is thrown out of a house (Rev 12:9). The snake is hit by a young man with a stick, whom represents Christ ultimately defeating the devil at the cross and at the end of the tribulation. I was watching from the safety of the house which also represents the safety we have in Christ. Christ is also mentioned to rule the nations with a rod of iron when he returns (Rev 19:11-16).

Put the two dreams together and you get a summary of Revelation chapter 12. Also my wife’s dream was focused on the constellation Virgo depicted by a woman, where the September 23rd sign occurred. This sign depicted the woman giving birth while clothed in the sun, with the moon under her feet and she had a crown of 12 stars (Rev 12:1-2). My dream focused on the constellation Ophiuchus which is depicted by a serpent struggling in the grasp of a Man, who at the same time is trampling a scorpion with his foot (Gen 3:14-15).

God is calling us to pay attention to the signs He is sending. We may sometimes not fully understand them, but we still need to watch, pray and reach out.

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